Derika "DeriFairy" Evans

Deri is a world renown baker, actual real life fairy, and a total babe. She started baking in the womb. She has 1,000,000,000 followers on every social media. Chef Gordon Ramsey once cried while eating one of her Cuppies, true story.

Welcome to the whimsical world of

Cuppie Garden

If you've ever found yourself with the dilemma of wanting pie or cake but not knowing which one to reach for, you have come to the right Garden! A Cuppie is your favorite pie flavor filled inside a moist, fluffy cupcake, topped with a light whipped cream frosting. Once you venture into the Cuppie Garden, you'll never have to ask yourself "cake or pie?" again.

Cuppies were invented in the year 2011, when I was spending the summer with my mom. The question came up; "what should we have for dessert?" My mom wanted pecan pie (her favorite) but I, always being more of a cake gal wanted a cupcake of some sort. After not being able to reach an agreement, I decided that I could come up with a dessert that we both would be happy with. I pitched the idea to my mom and she said "the kitchen's right there, ready and stocked for you" a couple of hours later and the Cuppie was born. In 2012, I founded Cuppie Garden to share my creations with the world.

It is Cuppie Garden's mission to brighten your day by providing a magical treat to anyone who could us a little happiness in their life. So if you are in search of unique and inventive baked goods or just a sweet escape from your daily routine, take a stroll through the Cuppie Garden. And remember toBake Life Whimsical.”

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